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  • Trade Marks & Service Marks +

    Section 2(1) of schedule III of the Bangui Accord of 1977 as amended in 1999 provides that “ Any visible sign … to distinguish the good or Read More
  • Patents of Invention +

    An invention is a technical solution to a problem. Section 1(1) of schedule I of the Bangui Accord of 1977 as amended in 1999 provides Read More
  • Opposition & Restoration +

    Since search of anteriority is not mandatory in OAPI, one IP right may happen to be registered in the name of more than one owner. Read More
  • Geographical Indications +

    This is an indicator that certain products have a territorial or regional or local origin which is certain. All the producers in that region are Read More
  • Unfair Competition +

    Article 1(a) Schedule VIII of the Bangui Accord of 1977 as amended in 1999 provides that an act of unfair competition shall be constituted by Read More
  • Copyright +

    The works pertaining to copyright in Cameroon are such as literary, artistic and scientific works. In our jurisdiction there are different civil corporations managing these Read More
  • Utility Models +

    An invention provides a technical solution to a problem. The utility model (or small patent of invention, as it is fondly called) is a right Read More
  • Searches +

    One of the hurdles on the way of intellectual property registration is that trade marks can clash. Well, once you are not sure of the Read More
  • Industrial Designs +

    Section 2(1) of schedule IV of the Bangui Accord of 1977 as amended in 1999 provides that an Industrial Design/Model is “… any new design or Read More
  • Renewals +

    IP rights are temporal rights. So they do expire with time. In effect section 19 of schedule III of the Bangui accord of 1977 as Read More
  • Domain Names +

    The Cameroon Telecommunication Corporation has made the .cm domain available for registration in the name of both national and non-national physical and moral persons. Read More
  • Priority Claims +

    It is trite knowledge that IP rights are territorial rights. So one’s trade mark for instance is protected only within the territory (country or region) Read More
  • Extension of Rights +

    Since the adhesion of Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau and Mali (in 1998) and Equatorial Guinea (in 2000) to OAPI, IP rights existing in these new Read More
  • Trade Names +

    A trade name is the denomination by which a commercial, industrial, artisanal or agricultural establishment is known and called. It is an important component of Read More
  • Recordals +

    OAPI keeps a special register containing the details as to the identity of each IP the organization registers. After filing the initial application, any subsequent Read More
  • Litigations +

    SCP Global Africa IP retains the services of trial lawyers with all the forensic skills at their disposal. They engage in litigation proceedings before the Read More
  • Investigations & Raids +

    Protection against unfair competition under schedule VIII of the Bangui Accord of 1977 as amended in 1999 is essentially a civil action. Read More
  • Assignment & Licensing +

    The rights attached to an IP may be transferred in total or in part (or simply subscribed) to a third party who becomes the new Read More
  • Change of Name and/or Address +

    In IP law and practice, a registration is necessarily accompanied by the full name and address of the owner. Without the name and address, such Read More
  • Monitoring & Watch Service +

    To apply for a search of anteriority before filing for registration in OAPI is not mandatory. It can thus be imagined how frequently trade marks Read More
  • IP Consultancy and Management +

    The organic law governing IP rights in the OAPI sub-region is the Bangui Accord of 1977 as amended in 1999. On the basis of our Read More
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